Moscow Scale Model Will Be Enlarged

In October, 2019 the Moscow Scale Model will be 60,5 sq. m enlarged. The total area will be 429 sq. m. The fallowing structures will appear: Kievskiy Railway Station Ukraine Hotel Donskoy Monastery Simonov Monastery Culture House ZIL

Prince of Saudi Arabia Visit

July 25, 2019 Moscow Scale Model Pavilion was honored with visit of Prince of Saudi Arabia with his entourage.  

New Issue of Moscow Scale Model Magazine

A new issue of Moscow Scale Model magazine is released. The main topic is Moscow Railway Stations, also there is interview with the head of Scale Model workshop Sergey Podjemshchikov, article about foreign delegations and photo exhibition “Moscow.Summer”. There is also kids application. The magazine is released for free.

Arabic and Spanish Speaking Guides

Now there are Arabic and Spanish speaking guides in Moscow scale-model pavilion. Besides, our staff speaks English and German. Moreover, our foreign visitors are welcome to use audio guides in English, French, German or Chinese. You can get them for free at the reception desk.  

Audio Guides in Foreign Landuages

The number of foreign tourists increases and we are grateful to see the genuine interest in the scale model, history and present of Moscow. To make the information more available beginning with June, 4 audio guides in 4 foreign languages (English, German, French and Chinese) are given for free at the Scale model of Moscow…

9 мая – тематическое светотехническое шоу и сувениры

В ознаменование Победы в Великой Отечественной войне было создано тематическое светотехническое шоу, которое будет транслироваться в павильоне «Макет Москвы» 9 мая  каждые 30 минут. Город-герой Москва и подвиг ее жителей  – главная тема светотехнического шоу. Это было страшное время для москвичей. На станциях метро были организованы бомбоубежища,  в воздух поднимались заградительные аэростаты, ночное небо освещали…