The number of foreign tourists increases and we are grateful to see the genuine interest in the scale model, history and present of Moscow. To make the information more available beginning with June, 4 audio guides in 4 foreign languages (English, German, French and Chinese) are given for free at the Scale model of Moscow pavilion.

Instruction for audio guides usage

  1. Audio guides are given at the reception desk for free along with the map of the pavilion containing the list of the guide tour objects.
  2. Information is provided in 4 languages: English, German, French and Chinese. Our administrator will help to choose the language you need.
  3. Information is given in 2 ways: full guided tour on Moscow scale model (button 46) and short information on most prominent architectural objects of Moscow (buttons 1-45). The objects can be chosen randomly or in numerical order.
  4. To avoid the damage of the audio guide it is advised to put the stripe attached to it on your neck.
  5. At the end of the tour the audio guides and the maps must be returned to the reception desk.