Mosgradexpo Exhibition Centre of Urban Development

VDNKh, Sirenevaya Alley, Pavilion of Moscow City Scale Model
Opening hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10.00 – 20.00
Tel.: +7 (925) 237-3728, +7 (925) 237-3729
Entry is free.

About the exhibition centre

Mosgradexpo invites Muscovites and tourists to learn about current urban projects and interactive scale model of the city.

Mosgradexpo Exhibition Centre started working in August 2014.

The new pavilion of Moscow City scale model was opened on Sirenevaya Alley in VDNKh park in September 2017.

Plan of the pavilion


The unique interactive scale model of the city

is considered to be the central core of the exposition. The work on the model commenced in autumn 2012.

the overall size in sq. m.
the overall size by 2020 in sq. m.

368,64 square metres of the model precisely depict the city area within the Boulevard and Garden Ring, include more than 20 000 buildings and structures at 1:400 scale.

The model has been realistically accomplished: the chiming clock on the Spasskaya tower strikes at certain hours, bas-reliefs and panel pictures on certain buildings have been reconstructed in details. All models are placed on real underlying cause; each hill and all low grounds are accurately depicted.

The model is completed with interactive system, which lightens buildings from inside. One can operate it choosing objects according to directory.


A team of 60 artists, architects and drafters complete the whole process: starting with preparation of drawings, formation of relief, cutting of plastic parts, coloring of buildings and finishing with connection of every structure to the lighting system and adding them into database.

At first, one team of architects takes measurements and adjusts proportions of structures. Prepared drawings are handed on to modelers who finish them in special computer programs. As a result, these files are transmitted to engraving and milling machine, which cuts certain parts out: at first, bulks with window embrasures, then elements of facade (cornices, architraves, fretworks, pilasters etc.).